On The Miramichi Reader

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Have you ever wondered why I wrote The Good Women of Safe Harbour?
Well, wonder no more! I’ve got a little blurb featured on The Miramichi Reader’s Why I Wrote this Book section.

You can find it »here«.

NL Reads 2023 Interview

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Apparently, some folks want to hear what I have to say… so I spent a little time speaking with Emily Gushue, NL Collections Librarian at the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries. Enjoy!

CrossTalk with Adam Walsh (CBC Radio)

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CrossTalk with Adam Walsh did a piece on NL Reads, with Jamie Fitzpatrick sitting in for Adam.

Emily Gushue from the Newfoundland & Labrador Public Libraries introduces all of the books nominated for NL Reads starting at 8:46 in the episode. You can hear me speaking with Jamie starting at 14:40.

Click here to visit the CrossTalk site to listen now!

The battle of the books is back as N.L. Reads returns

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A powerfully touching celebration of friendship and forgiveness, The Good Women of Safe Harbour is about a woman who finally gives herself a chance to love and be loved​.

~ From the Books section at CBC News Newfoundland and Labrador

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Saltscapes Review

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In Saltwire’s The Book Shelf Section

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Bobbi French’s debut novel celebrating friendship and forgiveness and the courage to live on your own terms is striking an emotional chord with women across the country.

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On the Zoomer Bookclub

The Good Women of Safe Harbour has made the Zoomer Bookclub’s “Top of Our List”

Zed book contributors review their latest gems, from a memoir about a male friendship to a Sandy Hook expose, with lots of mysteries, thrillers and romance in the mix

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