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Meet Frances and Annie
and Edie…

Frances Delaney is staring down the last days of her life. Looking back over her fifty-eight years with wit and no small amount of regret, she sees not the life she wanted but the one that happened. An idyllic childhood in the small Newfoundland fishing town of Safe Harbour was darkened by the loss of her father at sea, an unwanted pregnancy, and a betrayal by her closest friend, Annie Malone. Frances and Annie were inseparable, and this rupture rocked Frances to the core. In the aftermath, she fled to St. John’s and a solitary life nothing like what she and Annie had dreamed of as their grand escape. Now, with the help of her young, optimistic friend Edie, Frances begins a journey toward resolution and back to Annie and Safe Harbour. With these good women in her corner, Frances can at last chart her course to living on her own terms and defining her own choices, right to the very end.

An unforgettable, life-affirming novel about friendship and forgiveness, The Good Women of Safe Harbour is the story of a woman who finally gives herself a chance to love and be loved.

Published by HarperCollinsCanada

“Rich, lively, surprising, warm, and wise.
I couldn’t put this book down.”

—Carrie Snyder, author of Girl Runner

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